A Call for Help: Save Windows XP!

Alas, if things do not change, Windows XP may currently be enjoying its last few months of existence. Even if it still dominates the market (76%), Microsoft has decided to stop selling the product starting June 30. From this point, updates and support for the OS will slowly start to fall into Microsoft’s room for retired projects.

As we all know, many people still prefer XP over Vista, and the Euthanasia of the OS is far from pleasing everybody. Fortunately, a bunch of journalists from the InforWorld magazine have decided to take the matter in hand and launch an online petition to keep XP from disappearing into Limbo.

For the magazine and many, many other Windows users, XP remains at the top of the hill when it comes to performance and stability, so why force people to adopt the newer, performance-gobbling OS? Of course, we all know the answer to that question, but this is not the subject of this article.

If you are interested in signing this petition, head over to Infoworld.com. Do your moral duty and help our old friend XP. It’s the least we can do! He’s been doing a hell of a good job after all.

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  1. Sure I want XP being alive, and I also want them to release DirectX 10 to XP. Heck I'll choose XP over Vista any day right now.

    Too much hassle with getting it working with new custom built computer systems. Getting graphic cards working (the newer ones) and even newer hardware getting them stable is a nightmare compared to XP.

    Sure still takes maybe an hour on XP, but I've already speant 2 weeks trying to get the same effect on vista without any luck thus went back to XP.

    They should recognise Vista as one of their not so good projects (in the same box as millenium) and instead improve the current well working XP.

  2. Great idea! Duty duly done.

    I only bought XP Pro in the middle of last year to make my Linux collection more balanced. I then found various places to get the window theme a little less primary, and hey, I love it! All the way to Jericho………

    I'm looking forward to seeing the impact and content of SP3.

    Thanks for the link: I took the opportunity to register at InfoWorld as well.

    All the best! :)

  3. Apparently, the new SP3 will impromove XP's performance by 10 to 15%… that's what I heard from a few beta testers I know.

  4. I find the performance of XP quite ok……I just wish someone would put in some nice "chooseable" window shadows. A bit late to write to Bill about it now. Have the testers anything to say about such lush things?

  5. Obviously, Microsoft does not use their own products, or they would not be forcing Vista on us.

    This very well could be the downfall of Microsoft.

    Okay not really, but it should be! Then maybe they'd realize their mistake.

    Bootleg XP, anyone?

  6. What about a petition asking M$ to give XP to the people to maintain and continue to develop for all eternity? After all, Linux could do with a bit of competition.

  7. Liondart

    …..try Linux then in the meantime. It will cost you £000.000.

    I could recommend Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) as I write, also, Fedora 7 or 8, KDE 3 or 4 and eLive Gem (e17) and many others are definitely worth a look.

    I still think the best idea for XP is for it to be given to the public. Then we could see just what good could be made of it. Or…..?

  8. You people are all seriously nuts…

    Have any of you even *tried* Vista, or are you just giving it sh!t because all the popular kids are doing it?

    I have to use XP at work, and it is seriously disgusting compared to Vista (which I happily run at home). I've been running Vista at home since I first got my hands on an early beta, and haven't looked back.

    And everybody that complains about performance… My computer is an old school single-core 3 GHz P4, and I only have 512 MB RAM, and it runs great! Yes, there is occasional HD thrashing when memory is low, but no more than XP.

    • I tried it. The screensaver was like…umm…well maybe 2 frames per second? The fan ran non-stop, etc…the computer was less than 6 months old! And it's not *that* low-end (ok yes, it's cheap and I need to replace the optical drive (bad lens) and power jack (it got wiggled loose) and hard drive (moving parts…this is why solid states are getting to be popular, huh?) but then, laptops get jostled around a lot so parts go faster), at least in terms of specs. They say Vista works on 512MB, but it was struggling on 1GB! I've never run XP on here, so I can't compare to that, but I have full-on desktop BLING running all the time (Vista doesn't hold a candle to Compiz), and it never swaps (swapping = using a pagefile), and the fan's not even spinning up right now. It rarely does. Generally, if my fan spins up, it's because I'm transcoding about 15 files at once (which is pretty CPU-intensive).

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