Star Wars kicks: The force never looked so good

By Ilya Kochanov
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

As we all know, part of being a sexy geek is dressing the part. You can always deck yourself out in sweater vests and the latest in pocket-protecting technology however, if you want to go for a more urban look check out these Star Wars sneakers.

They’re a little on the expensive side, clocking in at $275, but it’s totally worth it to be the hippest kid on the block. If you’re turned off by the fact that plastering “Star Wars” all over your wardrobe might ruin your chances with the ladies, don’t fret. These say Super Star in the back.

If you think wearing The Force on your feet is worth the price tag; they come in Yoda and Darth Vader flavors. Yoda’s sport a hemp construction and green accents with Vader’s coming in an awesome shiny black leather.

Star Wars sneakers: Yoda Vader [via Uncrate]