A day in the life of Steve Jobs, flash style

By Ilya Kochanov
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

SteveNote Expo is a game that accurately recreates the life of Steve Jobs in the last few days before his MacWorld keynote. The Goal? Maneuver Señor Jobs to retrieve his effects and avoid the evil press.

It is a well known fact that Steve automatically reveals every company secret upon making physical contact with a journalist.

The game is apparently modeled on expert testimony regarding Mr. Jobs as we’ve been informed that Steve does, in fact, see himself from a bird’s eye view. SteveNote Expo is not without its faults however, sporting only one of the many weapons in Steve’s arsenal. Conspicuously omitted are the infamous “Unexpected Price Drop” and “Brighter Screen.” As for the game, while it’s available to play now, an inside source has confirmed that the next version will be undoubtedly better so you might as well wait a little.

SteveNote Expo – The game