Find that catchy tune with your iPhone

By Ilya Kochanov
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Sometimes hearing a song on the radio is simply not enough. You want to go home and “acquire it via the method of your choosing”. Therein lies the problem: you don’t know the name or artist; and rather than Googling the lyrics of said music, you’d rather cook up another use for that pretty little iPhone.

“Listen” is still in its early stages and basically identifies songs after the device is held up to a speaker. Apparently there is some sort of ID server involved but there aren’t any details on the inner workings of the program. No word on accuracy either.

Fellow geeks, try this out for yourselves and let us know if it works. If possible, go to a night club and try to identify an obscure remix of any Daft Punk song.

iPhone Audio recognition [via Make]


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