Snow-eating robot poops ice blocks as it clears your driveway

I’ve always had a love hate-relationship with winter. On one side, I love winter sports, but on the other, I hate clearing my driveway of all the snow that accumulates. We’ve been lucky in the past few years and didn’t receive too much snow, thanks to global warming (hmmm, did I really say that?). Unfortunately, it seems that for all the years that we didn’t receive any of the white, cold stuff, Mother Nature thought that throwing it all at us this winter would be a fantastic idea. I’ve been working at clearing the driveway and freezing my ass off since early October.

But now that I’ve seen this, I have hope for a better future:

This robot will gobble up any snow in its path and poop it out in the form of ice blocks, which can be stacked and stored until they melt, or used as an alternative source of refrigeration or cooling.

I want one. The $8000 price tag? No problem. I’ll even re-mortgage my home to get one when it comes out within the next five years.


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