Monday morning links serving: The January 7th edition

68 Linux Related Free e-Books
There’s enough material there to keep you busy for a few weeks years.

Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks
Dozens of Google search guides detail the tips you already know, but today we’re skipping the obvious and highlighting our favorite obscure Google web search tricks.

7 Essential Tips to Make 2008 Your Best Year Ever
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

The Ultimate Leopard Tweaking Guide
No matter how good Apple Mac OS X Leopard is, there will always be features that people dislike, and want to change. And while Apple may think they have the perfect recipe for a perfect OS, many power-users will want to tweak OS X to their liking. Appletell has compiled a list of several ways to tweak your Leopard.

How to Install Wikipedia on Your iPod
Yes that’s right. You can now have the entire Wikipedia encylopedia on your iPod. Clocking in at only 1.7 GB of space, it is a very handy tool if you have the sudden uncontrollable urge while out at the shops to discover the capital of Mongolia or the mating habits of eels.


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