Using GTalk and Twitter to update your Google Calendar

By Mark O’Neill

twittergcal.pngFollowing on from my previous article regarding updating your social networks using Google Talk, I thought I would briefly mention today that you can also update Google Calendar using both Google Talk and Twitter.

Once you have everything set up, you can input your calendar entries into your desktop Google Talk and they will instantly be added to your web-based Google Calendar on your behalf.

Another task that you can relegate to the desktop!

Ingredients for GTalk / GCalendar Mix

  1. Log into your Twitter account. Then go to the Gcal Twitter profile and click on the “follow” button. GCal is the bot that will move the information from your Google Talk to your Google Calendar.
  2. Go to the TwitterCal page and add your Google account name and Twitter username. Click on “request authorization”. This will then take you to your Google account where you will be asked to grant the program access to your calendar.
  3. Add Twitter to your Google Talk application as detailed in my previous post.

It is all now set up.

As the TwitterCal page describes, to send an event to your Google Calendar, just send a direct message to GCal at Twitter. So open up Google Talk and send something along the lines of :


If you go to your Google Calendar a few moments later, you’ll see the event added to your calendar :


Remember to always start the GTalk message with d gcal.    That way, the message won’t appear on your public Twitter page.