Why Geeks Shouldn’t Change for Anybody

If you are a geek, and you are with a non-geek significant other, chances are they will try to change you at a point in your relationship. (Okay, yes, the chances of a guy wanting to change a geeky girl into a non-geek is pretty low, but who knows… it might happen.)

Anyhow, the folks at Diggnation had an interesting discussion in their latest show about a geek that wants to marry a girl that just won’t understand him. I thought that a bit of conventional wisdom would be the perfect way to start the year.

Personally, I’m a very lucky guy; my wife has always been very respectful of my geekiness, even if causes conflicts on occasion. However, I know a few people who are living a real nightmare with their significant other. In some case, these conflicts are justified (16-hour gaming session anyone?), but in other cases, a geeky attitude doesn’t really hurt anybody, and can actually be fun.

Care to share your thoughts about how geek / non-geek relationships should be handled? The comments section is opened for discussion.