Freecycle: Because someone might need your trash


For those of you who still have one of those old, brown velvet sofas and are considering burning it in your backyard, read on.

Based on the principle that someone’s trash might be someone else’s treasure,, offers to help you get rid of your old stuff by giving it away to people in need. The concept is simple: Keeping things that might be of use to someone else out of the landfills.

So if you need an old dining table for your house, chalet or wood shack, this site will help you find whatever you need for free. Just head over to their home page and search for your hometown. With more than 4 million members from over 4100 cities, chances are, there will be a Freecycle organization near you.

And if you’re looking to give your Playboy collection away, you’ll have to look somewhere else. The organization doesn’t allow any “naughty” stuff to be exchanged via their service. Sorry!


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  1. It is good to hear that freecycle is in one way helping avoid trashing out unused things. I salute this site for being pro-environment. In our little ways we can help by practicing little things like avoiding to throw plastic bottles instead bring it to junk shop and earn from those.

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