Electric transportation on the cheap

Fully electric transportation is still years off for the modern consumer. Sure, anyone can snag a Segway for about four thousand dollars on eBay, but as far as full sized cars go; don’t bet on it. The closest thing to an electric car right now is the Tesla roadster and that bad-boy will run you […]


Seven Ways to Avoid Hidden Workplace Hazards

By Erica Davidson Guest Blogger Most professionals wouldn’t describe a desk job as backbreaking. But for many working men and women, hidden dangers often accompany an outwardly posh nine to five. Whether it’s typing up a report, surfing the Internet or building servers, you may be putting in long hours in front of your monitor. […]

The Worst of Digg.com

I’m not sure if I’m the only one bothered about this, but have you seen the publicity that has recently started to air on Digg.com? Acne treatment creams, Anti-Age products, Dating services, and other assorted, spam-like ads. This really leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Usually, only sub-par, crappy sites that resort […]

See a Portugese town in 3D in Google Earth

By Mark O’Neill I am constantly amazed at how much smaller the world is becoming, due to groundbreaking applications such as Google Earth. The Google Earth blog has reported that the Portugese town of Marvão can now be seen in 3D in Google Earth. This is in addition to being able to see the 3D […]

Yahoo! CAPTCHA Cracked

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] According to experts, one of the strongest implementations of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) out there is owned by Yahoo!.  Last week, Russian hackers cracked the CAPTCHA by achieving a 35% recognition rate of CAPTCHA images by an automated system. According to the […]

Dominos starts online pizza tracking service

By Mark O’Neill We don’t have Dominos Pizza over here in Germany (at least not where I live) but I can’t help but admire their new concept to attract more custom.  Dominos is today rolling out an online feature where you can track the status of your pie – from the moment you order it […]

Become an eco-friendly geek with recycled circuit board cufflinks!

By Mark O’Neill Great Britain is known far and wide for its inventing prowess. We invented the television, the telephone and penicillin amongst other things. But after a successful run, we didn’t rest on our laurels. Oh no. Now we can lay claim to the recycled circuit board cufflinks. Check out the compelling sales copy […]

Holy Jumping WordPress Themes Batman!

By Mark O’Neill After reading Kiltak’s recent post on backing up and restoring a WordPress blog, I thought I would chip in with a WordPress issue of my very own. For the past few days, my WordPress blog, which is hosted by Yahoo Webhosting, has been “playing silly buggers” (as we Brits like to say). […]