Salaries for TOP 500 publicly-traded corporations’ execs online!

While not directly tech oriented, I think this will be of interest to everyone.

The Securities and Exchange Commission, the American authority that controls the United States’ stock market, now publishes the salaries of the bosses for the top 500 U.S. corporations. To be on the list, the company must also have filed proxy statements with the SEC this year.

So to get more information, head over to the SEC search engine, press the search button using no special keywords and hit the “display compensation data” button, the page will list the executives of some of the biggest publicly traded companies. It will also share their salaries, the amount of bonus they got this year, and the value of the stocks they received in 2007. This is a perfect way to start 2008 feeling miserable about your meager *ahem* $200k salary.
If you scroll down the list, you’ll see that Google’s Lary Page and Sergei Brin are at the bottom with a salary of $1. This is largely meaningless because as we all know, these guys are among the richest people in the world. Each of them own approximately 11% of google, which can be estimated at a value of $22 billion (USD).

SEC Executive Compensation Search Engine


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