Microsoft Releases New Psychadelic 300-like Zune Commercial

Microsoft has just released this new Zune ad titled “The Masks”. I think this is among the best they’ve released.

It’s good, but after watching it you’ve got to wonder if the people who thought of the concept were smoking something really heavy when they came up with it. Let me know what you think… Enjoy!


8 Responses to Microsoft Releases New Psychadelic 300-like Zune Commercial

  1. Whoa…. CREEPY….

    Yeah, they were smoking SOMETHING with that one… WTF does that commercial have to do with ANYTHING?!?!?

    HA HA… I agree with the guy above. 4-5 more Zunes, tops! HA HA HA!

  2. Heavy Man, I had that EXACT dream a few years ago.

    It was right after watching The Big Lebowski and lamenting that I hadn't done acid since the 80s. That night, this freaky sequence was in my head all night long.

    How freaky is that, Dood?

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