Make it so Google Earth!

By Mark O’Neill

Never let it be said that this blog doesn’t cater for the Google Earth NASA geek community.  If you have Google Earth installed and an overwhelming desire to go where Patrick Stewart and William Shatner have gone before, you can now download a file that allows you to see Planet Earth from the perspective of an astronaut.

It’s basically just a template of an astronaut’s helmet with a reflection of the arms in the helmet glass.    However it is quite an amusing way to waste some time as you hover above the earth looking downwards.

Or if you prefer to get a real Star Trek fix, you can also have the Starship Enterprise flying through Google Earth.

Someone somewhere has too much time on their hands if they are able to allocate time to make stuff like this!

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  1. I am not sure. But my girlfriend's father runs the standard Google Earth program from his computer onto a large beamer projector screen and the quality is excellent. I suppose it all depends on your PC speed and graphics card quality.

    Try searching the Google Earth site for other GE versions or send an email to the Google Earth team. Maybe they can make custom-made versions for a price?

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