Networking “New Years Resolutions” Contest

As many of you know, [GAS] Contributor Brian Boyko works in his day job capacity for enterprise network monitoring solutions vendor NetQoS, as editor of NetQoS’s “house organ” blog, Network Performance Daily.

Network Performance Daily is currently holding an end-of-year contest for “Network Performance Management Resolutions” – send in your best, and you can win a Nintendo Wii, a TomTom GPS Navigation System, an iPod Nano or an iPod Shuffle.

All you have to do is submit your best resolutions that, if adhered to, would improve network performance in 2008. Send it to Network Performance Daily by December 31st, and judges will pick the best of four categories.

You can check out the contest page for more details.

(If you’re out of ideas, feel free to tell your network engineering and sysadmin friends about the contest. Maybe they’ll let you play with the toys when they’re not using them!)


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