Torture someone with freaky postcards!

By Mark O’Neill

eBayMaybe it’s the medication I am currently taking for my flu that is making me high but I found this eBay auction to be extremely funny.

Brian Sack from New York is going to spend Christmas (sorry, the holidays) in a small Polish village (that’s the country Poland, not the stuff you clean your shoes with!) that has one church but no bell (because apparently “angry Germans stole it”). To alleviate the boredom of being in a small obscure Polish town with no Starbucks or cable TV, Brian is offering to send anonymous freaky postcards to a person of your choosing. He will write about obscure secrets of the person (that you will supply him with). Your friend will then go crazy trying to work out who the cards are from.

Crazy auction? Actually no. With less than 24 hours to go until the end, bidding is up to over $400!

It always amazes me how these kinds of auctions do remarkably well in the US but over here in Europe, they would fall flatter than a pancake.

If you have a friend you would love to torture over the holidays (what good friend wouldn’t want to do that to another good friend?) and can afford to go higher than $400, head on over to the auction and place your bid!

One Response to Torture someone with freaky postcards!

  1. This is hilarious!

    Maybe the idea of getting a postcard from Europe is so freaky to begin with :)

    We Europeans have friends with bad handwriting which could actually be in Poland…

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