Meet the Newest GAS Contributing Writer: Shea Gunther

Howdy Sexy Geeks.

Shea Gunther on his land in MaineI’m Shea Gunther, the newest Contributing Writer to this here fine blog. I’ve been a reader and big fan of GAS for the past year+ and I was really excited when Kiltak sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in being a GAS writer. I had discovered a post in StumbleUpon that brought in a good bit o’ traffic to GAS and he tracked me back to my personal blog where he read I was looking for work. One thing led to another and now here I am, introducing myself to you.

I live in Maine, have been an entrepreneur since I started a dotcom back in Bubble 1.0, and have been focusing on green businesses for the past five years. I caught the blogging bug in 2003 and have launched a few good sites over the past few years, snarfd being the latest just this past month. I’m in the process of building a green home and work part time in a 30′ tipi on my land here in Maine- a tipi that’s fully wired with satellite internet I might add.

As a confirmed news and links junkie I come across a lot of sexy geek links and sites and look forward to sharing the best of it with you. I can be reached at; drop a line with news tips, feedback, or angry trolling.

Thanks for reading!

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