Hardcore Turbo Toaster Burns your Bread in Under a Minute

Are you the kind of person who thinks waiting two minutes for your toast to be ready in the morning is too long? Then the Turbo Toaster is something you’ll definitely want to put on your wish list for next Christmas. Normally, we wouldn’t blog about such a mundane device, but you have to see this toaster to understand why we did.

The Turbo Toaster
An overclocked toaster? A turbo toasting machine? A super bread burner? Name it whatever you want, but you have to admit that this thing really looks hardcore (for a toaster of course.) And the best thing about it? It will burn your bread in under 50 seconds, saving you a precious minute out of your morning routine.

The way it works is fairly simple. A normal toaster toasts your bread via small parallel metal bars, but the secret of the turbo toaster is with its giant, jet engine-like fans, which pulls in air, allowing to blast the heat over your bread much more quickly.

(via OhGizmo!)