Why you should always plan your next day before going to sleep

In the following video, renowned motivational author Jack Canfield explains why you should always use the end of your day to plan what you will do tomorrow. The reason is simple: by thinking of what you need to accomplish the following day, your subconscious will work all night for you, helping you be more effective in your daily tasks.


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  1. It sounds like good advice but it just does not work out well for me. I always end up dreaming about the work and wake up feeling like I haven't slept a wink.

    • Similar happened to me… I could not sleep for hours last night as I kept thinking of what I was planning to do next day…

      But the advise is true.. I think I lack somewhere and get conscious instead of leaving it for sub-conscious

      • I'm with you guys… I always end up doing the whole shotty sleep and waking up every 2-3 hours feeling like I've just been laying there staring at the clock all night long…

        Or I get the wake up at 3am thinking I overslept run and jump in the shower only to get out and finally realize that I'm actually up too early and I just messed up whatever sleep I was going to get…

  2. I've found that even just making a to-do list the night before is helpful and somewhat guides me during the day. I just check them off as I go and it feels like I was somewhat productive. I haven't got to the point of planning out every hour of the day. I think it's sound advice. If you go with a plan your being proactive and you have more control of your day. On the other hand with no plan your just being reactive and have less control of your day. Which would you rather have?

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