Generate files of folder contents with JR Directory Printer

By Mark O’Neill

An interesting little piece of freeware flashed across my screen the other day which intrigued me enough to download it and try it out. It’s a program which generates text files of a folder’s content in Windows Explorer.

I have a lot of iTunes music and CD backups on my computer and I have often wondered if I can easily and quickly generate printable lists of the folder contents. Well with JR Directory Printer, you can with no problem.

It is an “exe” program which doesn’t need to be installed so this can also be run off a USB stick. When you double-click on the program, the following box comes up :


Simply navigate to the folder you want to print out. Then choose from the following options :

Recurse sub-directories : to see a complete list of the sub-directories and all the files contained in those directories. These can also be printed out.

Lowercase filename : turns the filenames into lowercase letters

Dos style filename : limits the filename length to a maximum of 8 characters.

Then when you have chosen your options, just press the start button and a text file will instantly be generated with the contents of the folder you have specified.

This would be helpful if you have lots and lots of burnt CD disks with software programs, music files, video files and documents. Now you can instantly create lists of the disk contents which can then be placed with the disk. No more hunting for an elusive file ever again! Or if you are about to do a PC system backup / re-installation, you can now make a list of the entire contents of the Program Files folder. That way, you would have a complete list of all the installed programs in case something goes wrong.

Can anyone suggest an alternative to JR Directory Printer?