Jetpacks with much longer flight times coming soon

In case you’re wondering what to give ol’ Chip for Christmas, I’d like one of these:

It’s a jetpack that runs for up to 19 minutes, for a range of approximately 10 miles. I’ve wanted a jetpack ever since I first watched Johnny Quest as a kid. Do you remember James Bond in Thunderball? That real jetpack only had a flight time of 30 seconds (which hasn’t been significantly improved upon since), so 19 minutes represents a considerable augmentation. Ten miles makes the device viable for short-hop travel (literally), provided you can find a good source of jet fuel at each stop.

Jet Pack International will sell these jetpacks for a mere $226,000, which includes a training course (yeah, you might need that) — so get one for all of your geek friends and save yourself the hassle of looking for individualized gifts. I’m sure Kiltak would like one.

Unfortunately, though, these won’t be available in time for Christmas — they’re due to be released early next year. But you can always wrap up a note promising to buy me one later!


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