The MacBook Pro – the fastest Vista laptop. (asterisk)

Apple, with their usual flair for the dramatic, recently released this commercial in which they claim that the MacBook pro is the fastest Windows laptop on the market right now

This ad is partly based on a September writeup by PCWorld. They tested the MacBook pro against a few Windows PCs, and found that, yes, with BootCamp, the MacBook Pro was the fastest Windows Vista computer.

But in December – before the Apple commercial was created, PCWorld reviewed the Eurocom D900C Phantom-X laptop, and the Phantom-X scored better than the MacBook Pro in the PCWorld benchmarks. This has caused some buzz in the Blogosphere as people believe that Apple is misstating the facts or PCWorld editors goofed in awarding the MacBook Pro the “fastest” title.

So, Apple’s ad is based on old data.

There’s still much that the Apple team can crow about. The MacBook Pro is still the fastest dual-core Vista laptop out there. The Phantom-X is a quad-core machine.

But stepping back for a minute – the idea of testing how fast the laptops can run Windows Vista is — well, it’s a little like drag-racing shortbusses, isn’t it?