From airport to exam room: Cancer detection technology goes portable

TrimprobeIt seems a new development in cancer-scanning technology could help hospitals detect certain forms of cancer in just seconds. The revolutionary device, similar to portable metal detectors in airports, is used by passing over certain areas of the body susceptible to cancer. The scanner, called Trimprobe, works much like the portable scanning wands used by airport personnel. It is currently being tested all over Europe. For now, the technology is most effective with prostate and breast cancer.

When used, the device emits electromagnetic waves that make cells emit a radio signal. When these waves hit cancerous cells, the signal changes, allowing the physician to know right away if something is wrong with his patient. No more biopsy, no more blood testing, and the entire process takes about five minutes.

Clarbruno Vedruccio originally invented the Trimprobe in the early 1990s, but the device continues to improve. According to the latest test, the scanner has a success rate of approximately 80%. Unfortunately, it cannot evaluate the gravity of detected cancers yet.

In the medical community, specialists think that this new device will never replace current magnetic resonance equipment, but will be used as a complementary technology, especially for mass cancer-detection campaigns.


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