Become a power link-clicker with Snap Links

By Mark “The Fox” O’Neill
Contributing Writer

gassnaplinks.pngI am a huge Firefox fan but these days I have been rather apathetic and indifferent to many of the new Firefox extensions. It seems that a lot of extension developers just copy the work of others with their own mediocre versions and so I haven’t seen any Firefox extension recently which has the “wow!” factor for me. Until today.

When I was emailed the page for Snap Links, I took my time visiting it and at first I wasn’t inclined to even try it out. However I was prodded into trying it by the friend who emailed it with the promise “you’ll love this! Honestly!”. Well this friend is not known for lying or exaggerating so I took the chance and gave it a go. My initial reaction when I started using it – “WOW!

In my job as a tech / internet writer, I look at a lot of websites every day, search on a lot of search engines and click on a lot of links. This can get really tiring after a while and my index finger has been known to hurt after hours of relentless mouse clicking. So this extension is probably going to be a keeper in my Firefox extension arsenal, at the very least to save my poor finger.

Basically, Snap Links allows you to “draw” a green box around a set of links by pressing down on the right mouse button and then dragging the mouse across the links you want opened. When you release the right mouse button, the links contained inside the green box will all open automatically in new tabs.

This has all kinds of possibilities. You can search on Google and have every search result on the page open right away in new tabs. Or if you have a page of download links, you can use Snap Links to have every link activated right away to start each download. Or perhaps you are building a website and you have a page full of links – just drag that mouse across the screen, watch each link open in its own tab and you can instantly see if each one works OK.

As Goldmember would say “this one’s a keeper!”. My index finger will be pleased to hear it.

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  1. I've been using this for quite a few months now, and I absolutely love it. Great extension, very useful. I just wish it was fully compatable with FF3b1

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