How to eavesdrop on Bluetooth phone conversations

Think that chatting to your friends over a Bluetooth signal will keep your discussions perfectly safe and confidential? If you do, than think again! The following video tutorial will teach you how to easily eavesdrop on almost any mobile phone conversation made through a Bluetooth headset. All it takes to get started is a laptop running any distribution of Linux, the carwhisperer utility, a Bluetooth wireless dongle, a directional antenna, and any kind of PDA that will allow you to connect to your laptop remotely (optional, but recommended if you want to stay “inconspicuous”.)

The reason this trick is working is that most Bluetooth headsets use a default code (usually “0000” or “1234”) that can be used to spoof a laptop as a phone. This will allow you to connect to to a remote Bluetooth device and record any audio that goes through it. You could even use the connection to send some external audio footage on top of the victim’s conversation.

By the way, eavesdropping on people’s conversations is perfectly illegal, so please restrain yourself from the temptation. The reason we’re posting this is to show you why confidential information should never be exchanged using a blutooth headset. In fact, confidential information should never be discussed over ANY mobile device.