For the Aspiring Jacques Cousteau: The Underwater Digital Camera Dive Mask

By Shea Gunther Contributing Writer, [GAS] I spent some of my formative years living in the U.S. Virgin Islands and was probably in the water snorkeling more than I was in school. There’s nothing like getting under water surrounded by yellow tangs, angel fish, and the occasional barracuda. The diver geek in me gurgled in […]

Microsoft Releases New Psychadelic 300-like Zune Commercial

Microsoft has just released this new Zune ad titled “The Masks”. I think this is among the best they’ve released. It’s good, but after watching it you’ve got to wonder if the people who thought of the concept were smoking something really heavy when they came up with it. Let me know what you think… […]

Salaries for TOP 500 publicly-traded corporations’ execs online!

While not directly tech oriented, I think this will be of interest to everyone. The Securities and Exchange Commission, the American authority that controls the United States’ stock market, now publishes the salaries of the bosses for the top 500 U.S. corporations. To be on the list, the company must also have filed proxy statements […]

When online contextual advertising gets it wrong

By Mark O’Neill Contextual advertising is what drives profits at Google, Yahoo and all the other big internet companies. The ability by automated software to read your Gmail messages or scan what is being said on a webpage to decide what ads would be appropriate to display in order to satisfy your potential needs. So if you are on a […]

Make it so Google Earth!

By Mark O’Neill Never let it be said that this blog doesn’t cater for the Google Earth NASA geek community.  If you have Google Earth installed and an overwhelming desire to go where Patrick Stewart and William Shatner have gone before, you can now download a file that allows you to see Planet Earth from […]

New versions of Perl and Ruby released

What did we programming geeks get in our virtual stockings for Christmas?  New versions of programming’s leading ladies, Perl and Ruby. Perl 5.10 The first new version of Perl in five years, version 5.10 adds performance enhancements and quite a few new features.  A few of my favorites include: A new switch statement, which doesn’t contain the token “switch” […]

Turning your iPod into an information depository

By Mark O’Neill Are you a total iPod fanatic like I am? Then you might like this small freeware program which converts MP3 files into an iPod audio book file. Just put all the MP3 files together into the program window then press the button. It will then turn the MP3’s into an iPod file. […]

Santa Claus Taking a Dump (Video)

If you think Santa reads all the letters that get sent to him, think again.

Newtonian Physics of a Helium Filled Balloon

Physics lightning round! What happens to a helium filled balloon in a car that is moving at a constant speed and suddenly stops. If you think, according to Newtonian mechanics, that the balloon would go forward along with the rest of the objects in the car – you’d be wrong. Check the video to find […]

World’s Biggest Building Coming to Moscow by 2013

Over the last decade, Moscow has had explosive growth. Now the Russian Capital will soon have the world’s largest building by 2013. Designer Sir Norman Foster has planned a 27 million square foot, $4B (USD) structure that will be 1500 feet tall. Dubbed “Crystal Island,” it will feature 900 apartments, 3000 hotel rooms, a theatre, […]

Deal of the day: Buy one HD DVD movie, get one free

For those of you who are the happy owners of a HD DVD player, Amazon has an awesome deal on a selection of HD movies. The deal is simple: buy one, get one free. And if you think that only crappy movies are offered in the special, just check out the selection. There’s really some […]

A Bad Day at the Office (Video)

This video is in honor of all of you working their ass off during the holiday season. We hope it will bring your mood up, even if only a little bit. Enjoy!