Star Wars collector tries – and fails – to sell his empire on eBay

By Mark “Yoda” O’Neill
Contributing Writer.


Begun the eBay auction has – and then it ended with no bids. mcfadyenb tried to sell his huge Star Wars toy collection on eBay and failed.

Maybe it was the price he was asking for – a start price of $24,450 or a Buy It Now of $34,500. Now I am a big Star Wars fan (they don’t call me Commander Mark for nothing!) and I have to admit that I looked at pictures of his collection with child-like glee, wishing that I could have it all. But you would have to be a very serious rich single geek to want to pay $34,500! The fact that he has thrown in his Living Dead dolls and Austin Powers figures still doesn’t compel me to fill out the bank loan application form.

Then again, the entrepreneurial side of me is wondering how much profit could be made by paying the $34,500 and then splitting everything up to be re-sold separately.

Another part of me wonders why he wants to part with it all after spending so much time and effort building it up?

Oh well, the auction ended with no bids. The empire survives to live another day.