Dell hires Hollywood stars for holiday ad campaign

Yours is hereMimicking the latest trend in technology advertising, Dell just launched a new site featuring American stars to stimulate Dell product sales this holiday season.

When Web surfers access the site for this new ad campaign, they’re given a choice of products they wish to receive for Christmas (or whatever other holiday they’re celebrating). Then, they have to select one of the many stars available to make a sales pitch about this product. Finally, they send the whole ad package to an e-mail address of their choice.

The lucky recipients of the sales pitch then get a message asking them to contribute (via Paypal) to the purchase of their friend’s desired item.

And as Burt Reynolds says in his clip: “Go ahead and buy a Dell product… and do it because Burt Reynolds told you to.”

Does anyone wants to get me an XPS laptop for Christmas? Oh and don’t forget, I want her to deliver it to me personally!