Update browser links and download favicons with AM Deadlink

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

If you’re a heavy internet user like I am, you’ve probably got a browser bookmarks folder bursting to capacity. But due to the constantly changing nature of the internet, a lot of website links rapidly turn into 404 pages with the pages either being deleted or renamed. How do you keep those thousands of links updated?  Also, what if you want to have all the favicons showing in your bookmark lists for easier browsing?  AM Deadlink addresses these issues very well.


A small freeware program, clocking in at 780KB, AM Deadlink is one of those programs that, once you try it, it stays on your computer forever. It’s one of those “how did I manage before this came along?” kind of program. As I said, it’s probably of greater use for the heavy bookmarker, the kind of person that bookmarks EVERYTHING. If you use an online bookmarking service like Del.icio.us then you probably won’t get much use out of AM Deadlink but if your Firefox or Internet Explorer is starting to lodge an official protest about the ever-increasing number of bookmarks it has to store then it might just be time to use this neat little program for a thorough clean-out.

AM Deadlink checks the bookmarks for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera so there’s no Microsoft bias with this app. But if you are into Safari or Flock then you’re out of luck for the moment!

Once you start it up, you choose the browser that you want checked and it starts to go to work. It checks each link by trying to connect with the page and it then tells you if the connection was successful, if it was re-directed to another page, or if the page ended up at a “404 not found” page.   You can then delete all the 404 pages that it finds.    This is made easier by the fact that you can filter the bookmarks so that the ones that resulted in 404 pages rise to the top of the list for easy deleting.

This kind of program would also be particularly useful if you are a webmaster looking after a lot of domains.    Just enter all the domain addresses in a bookmarks folder and then run AM Deadlink on a regular basis.   You can then see at a glance if the domains are up and running, or down and sleeping.

Another feature of AM Deadlink is the ability to download the favicons so that they are showing in the bookmarks folders next to the links.   This is particularly good if you are looking for a particular link in among an ocean of hundreds.   Sometimes the icon is very distinctive and sticks out.    So it would be good to have them all loaded up and showing.    AM Deadlink takes care of that for you.

The app also gives you the possibility of backing up all your bookmarks to a zip file and another equally great feature is that AM Deadlink can scan your bookmarks to look for duplicate entries.   How many times have you inadvertantly bookmarked the same page twice?   Now you can have the duplicates weeded out to make your folders a little more tidier.

I go through a lot of new programs on a weekly basis but AM Deadlink has always been one of my “keepers”.

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