Flickr Places: Travel around the world from the comfort of your home

FlickrFlickr, one of the most popular social picture sharing sites on the Web, just launched a new geo-localization feature that will surely make you as happy as a pig in mud.

While Flickerers (If we can call them that) are already able to use a world map to zoom in to a particular place and see some of the best pictures taken in its surrounding area, the new feature called “places” now allows them to see images from specific locations.

For instance, let’s say I want to see some shots that were taken in the region of Montreal, Canada. I only need to head over to the “places” home page, enter “Montreal” in the search field on the top of the screen and press enter. This will take me to the “places” page dedicated to Montreal.

For now, around 100,000 locations are indexed in Flickr’s database, but I’m sure that with time, many more will appear.

Try it out! Who knows, you may even see a familiar face or two!