Help needed: A review of Google-funded 23andMe

23 and MeIt’s not often that I ask for your help. But the truth is that I’ve got a fantastic project on the back-burner that I really can’t do without you guys.

First, read this: Google-funded 23andMe starts, offers $999 DNA test.

You get the point right? You send 23andMe a little cash and a wad of spit, and they tell you all sorts of fun facts about your ancestry and genetic preferences.

We all know the folks at Google like to put their pointy nose in all aspects of research, so I thought having one of our contributors review this influential corporation would be of interest to a lot of people.

Unfortunately, since this site is largely ad-free and all expenses for it come directly out of my pocket, I can’t personally afford to pay the $1000 DNA-analysis fee required for a test.

This is where you come in. We’ve been working hard for the past two years to bring you fun and innovative content, so now would be a great opportunity for you to help us do something truly interest to each and everyone of you.

An added bonus? You’ll get to know everything you’ve always wondered about Erica, a long-time copywriter friend of mine and fellow blogger. She’ll be the gracious spit-provider and subject of the genetic study.


Erica will review her experience with this Google-affiliated project and giving you the ins and outs of her DNA results. The risk to her? We may find out some not-so-good genetic facts. Does she have the “fat” gene? Will she get Alzheimer’s in her old age? We’ll be rooting for her.

We need to accumulate $1000 to do this. I will personally thank and link to everyone willing to help us in the review post, so donate now.

The resulting review from this young blogger will DEFINITELY be worth it.