Freecorder: A simple add-on with audible benefits

FreecorderThis morning, while drinking my usual $5 latte (damn you, Starbucks!) and going though my daily list of reads, I had the fortune to discover a very useful piece of software on Nelson Dumais’s blog (French).

Have you ever lived through the frustration of wanting to record something online, but couldn’t because the audio track you were listening to wasn’t available anywhere? Yes, I know, the crappy Windows recorder can do it, but frankly, just opening the awful thing makes me want to puke.

That’s where Freecorder can make your life easier. While at first glance, the product can appear insignificant to most people, its simplicity is what makes it so useful.

Freecorder toolbar

Installed as a Firefox or IE extension, Freecorder appears as a simple toolbar on top of your browser window. So wherever you are, whenever you choose, you can hit the record button and save any audio content you want to your hard drive. And yes, that even includes DRM-protected MP3s. Once you’re done recording, hit the stop button, and voilà! You now have an MP3 or a WAVE of what you were listening to.

Since Freecorder is a new product, it still has a few bugs to fix, but nothing that will prevent you from doing what it was made for. You may also need to use an audio editing software such as Audacity to make a few retouches to your clip after you’ve recorded it.

If you’re using another similar product, we’d love to hear about it! Feel free to let us know your recommendations in the comment section of this post.