Geek Holiday Gift Idea #2:The Logitech MX Revolution wireless mouse

Last week, we gave you our 1st geek gift suggestion, which was a nice steampunk iPod skin. For this week’s edition, here’s something that will not only be useful to gamers, but also to people who spend a lot of time working in front of their computer.

Dubbed by Logitech as the world’s most advanced wireless mouse, the MX Revolution is indeed a hell of a pointing device. Featuring a very precise laser sensor, a range of approximately 30 feet and an amazing battery life, this mouse has everything you need to scroll through documents at high speed. It may not be the cheapest mouse out there, but it certainly is the best one.

MX revolution

Through the years, I’ve used a lot of mice, and the MX Revolution is pretty much the best one I ever owned. This mouse will make the perfect gift for anyone who’s still using one of those old, 2-button conventional antiquities.