Firefox 3 Beta 1 hits the web

After 27 months of hard work, the third version of the popular open-source browser is now available online for the first phase of its beta test!

Testers can download Firefox 3 Beta 1 builds for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in over 20 different languages. Please be sure to read the full release notes before using this preview release. Developers should look at the Firefox 3 for Developers article on the Mozilla Developer Center.

Firefox 3Among the various fixes and enhancements, version 3 features an improved bookmarking and tab management system, better download functionalities, and lots of other interesting goodies. Apparently, Firefox 3 will render page faster than its previous version and will manage memory much more effectively.

Be careful if you choose to try it out because when installed, FF 3 beta 1 will overwrite your previous Firefox installation. And don’t forget that this is a Beta release, so running the new browser inside a virtual machine might be a good idea.