Verizon’s new multi-media campaign goes viral

Verizon Wireless

To promote their new mobile phone, media player combo, Verizon has filmed a series of extremely viral clips showing sweatpant-clad break-dancers shaking their stuff to the rhythm of a Verizon cell phone. The videos already have massive success on YouTube, but will their popularity alone help Verizon sell more phones?

Perhaps. But what will probably help most is that the videos – memorable on their own but unforgettable when combined with a trendy, hot beat – are mirrored in other media channels. The radio commercials, for example, use the same music, voices and tone to reinforce the commercials as a small part of a multi-media campaign, and the print ads feature imagery from the commercial shoots.

Needless to say, Verizon is launching a full-frontal attack on North Americas prime target audience to break through, attempting to circumvent similar advertising for the iPod and other music/mobile devices. These Verizon commercials – as entertaining as they are – were designed to go viral. And they absolutely have. Videos after the jump.

Here are some of the Juke’s basic features:

  • Dual Band – 1X/RTT digital only
  • 2GB of internal memory
  • Built-in music player: Supports MP3, WMA, WMA Pro, AAC & AAC+
  • Bluetooth support
  • Integrated VGA camera with night shot
  • TTY compatible
  • Hearing aid compatibility = M3
  • GPS with VZ navigator

The features sound pretty standard, right? Maybe, but for a phone that is priced at $99.99, the Juke offers a lot of bang for your buck. Some may argue that 2GB of memory isn’t enough, but hey, how many songs does that translate to? 200? 300? That should be plenty to satisfy your music needs for a while.