[GAS] – New theme, what do you think?

Hey folks,

We’re still working on fixing some minor glitches on the new theme, so please bare with us in the meantime.



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  1. The girl is a big plus :)

    Otherwise it's a little bit bland and the header is way too big (not enough content above the fold)

    I would put the "subscribe" info into the sidebar and make it more noticeable, make the header much shorter and move the featured articles. They could go into the sidebar or above the first article on the home page.

  2. Can't deicde between the 2 of them right now. But, I can say the the old layout worked much better in IE6-land that I'm stuck in at work. And the pic in the header makes me nervous, thinking she's going to fall off that chair and bruise her… umm… macbook.

  3. The lady by the logo is very pretty. Too pretty. Your site is barely safe for work now. I'm a bit embarrassed to have it on my screen.

    • Barely safe for work? Uh? :)

      Anyone else thinks the same? If too many people complain, replacing the lady can be done in no time at all..

  4. Prefer the old one to be honest, this one looks messy and, whilst I'm sure the lady is very cute, but the image just exploits the stereotype of sexy.

    If you want to do that why not show some real geeks who are sexy, maybe get readers to submit pics or put some candidates up for a vote on a monthly or weekly basis and use those.

    Finally let's not forget that there are girl geeks out here in the real world, they might appreciate seeing a sexy fella in that space! ;-)

  5. This image is awesome. No one is exploited… girls like girls if they have any sense… the female here is beautiful!

    I'm not saying I'm into women. Just saying that "cheesecake" is hot… and probably raked in a pretty penny for that stock-photography shoot.

    Great header. Great style. Great site!

  6. It looks like your old one with some customization, like a upgrade of your old one, so not too much different.

    Except from some issues I don't kind of like.

    The cold shades of grey, Kind of darkens the layout, maybe some warmer colors would be better. Mix in some warm grey shades with cold ones.

    I'm not a big fan of huge headers and footers.

    The footers can be big as long as you have stuff to put there, relief the sidebars, right now they are empty, seems like a lot of space killer.

    Also the header takes focus off, the menu, might have been better putting it under the header?

  7. nice, I like the new look ;D

    Did you modify your filters or something, before the new look I was like 10x slower loading the page!

  8. As I said , I think it's great! I could add that a post preview button would be fab, since I have no idea if I've done the link correctly. Anyway, good work fellow geeks!

    • Uh? :)

      Why are you linking one of our own post? the reason why your 1st comment wasn't working is because you dind't put any text between your A /A tags :)

      • Kiltak: I had attempted to link to the page where my earlier comment on the layout could be found, back when the layout made a brief appearance. That's all. Thanks for the link explanation. I haven't bothered with any kind of HTML since 1998; perhaps it will all come rushing back to mind if I ever need to write a web page again. Sort of hoping I don't need to…

  9. Not bad.. I'm not sure if the use of all that above-the-fold space is justified! ;-) As someone else said, the dark gray is kind of making things a little subdued unless that is the effect you were going for.

    Love the fast loading time though.

  10. Just found your blog and unfortunately i don't know what the previous theme looked like. However, I can say I do really like this theme. It's geeky clean, professional, and that girl is sure a cutie!

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