Google and American Idol’s creator making out?

It seems that Google and Simon Fuller, the creator of the Spice Girls, Pop Idol, American Idol and Canadian Idol are currently in discussion about a joint project that could forever change the way people look at television.

Executives from the £229bn Internet giant have been in discussions with Fuller, who invented Pop Idol, the world’s most successful TV franchise, for about a year. Although details of the deal are a closely guarded secret, sources close to Fuller say it could revolutionize the way entertainment and music are distributed.

I guess this new service from Google would be the natural evolution of what they started when they purchased YouTube last year. Will this new offering be broadcasted through YouTube? Nobody knows for now, but it seems a logical progression.

Google’s ambition truly knows no bounds, and why should it? Despite some criticisms that it’s the closest thing to Big Brother since Orwell, everything Google touches seems to turn to gold.

Google turns to X Factor’s Fuller for push into TV (


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