Monday morning links serving: The November 12th edition

Waterlollies – Most amazing flash animation ever
Adam Phillips is undeniably one of the best flash animator on the Web. We’ve actually helped sponsor a little bit of his latest project, Waterlollies. If you want to understand why we chose to do so, be sure to check some of his other work.

Make the Most of Your Dual Monitors
Now that you’ve added another monitor to your computer setup, you’ve got double the screen real estate to get things done—but are you putting all that space to good use?

How to Construct a Killer Resume, From Start to Finish
How to make a killer resume in 7 steps.

Samsung’s 64GB SSD: better, faster, stronger
We’ve been fooling around with Samsung’s 64GB SSD for the past couple of days and guess what, it turns out the thing is both completely silent and really fast.

Review: Assassin’s Creed: As Good As We Imagined
Take a leap of faith with Assassin’s Creed and you will be rewarded with one of the finest gaming experiences ever created!


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