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64 Interview Answers You Need To Know
Great list of some of the most common questions people get asked during an interview.

How a BlackBerry Works
In this article, we’ll examine the “push” technology at the center of the device’s popularity, RIM’s former dispute with patent holder NTP Incorporated and its current dispute with Visto Corporation. We’ll also explore BlackBerry hardware and software.

Graffiti as password: secure and memorable
In a new twist on password security, researchers are testing a method that registers what people draw on top of an existing image. The results balance memorability with security.

Datamancer’s Steampunk Laptop
There’s only one proper word to qualify this laptop: Amazing.

Windows Home Server Review
Microsoft has a difficult challenge ahead of them in convincing people that they need Windows Home Server. After all, having another computer in the house isn’t something people are shoving each other in the face for. We got our hands on a Norco DS-520 Home Server, one of the first pre-made boxes available, and definitely loved what we saw.

Dealing With Professional Burnout Without Quitting Your Job
At some point, most people reach a point of “burnout” with their job. The routines, paperwork, and effort reach a point of becoming overwhelming and you go home feeling absolutely empty, devoid of energy and life. I’ve gone through several periods like this myself, and I’ve developed a lot of techniques for dealing with this level of burnout.


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