Philips Daylight brings sunshine into your life (Video)

Philips Daylight

Philips recently unveiled a new recreational high-tech concept at their Simplicity event in London. Dubbed “Daylight” this new technology will bring daylight-like light (say that 3 times real fast) into any room, bringing sunshine into your life. This new expensive gadget has apparently been made to change the ambiance into hotel rooms, but I’d love to set this up in my basement. No ideas on how much these things will be going for, but I’m fairly sure I’ll never have the money to afford one.

Block out noise, change the lighting and even add foliage. For jetlagged power types, there’s blue light, which, we’re told, helps alleviate the effects of spending hours cramped in an airline seat. It’ll even open virtual blinds when you walk into the room.

(via T3)