Monday morning links serving: The October 15th edition

The Complete Guide to Free (and legal!) Music Online
Free online music used to be like the Wild West of the Internet with services like Napster dominating the field during the bubble. Now, as the Internet has matured, new models for distributing music are coming together.

How to double your salary
Somewhere a guy just like you is doing a job just like yours and earning twice the money. Here’s how you can be that guy

Get Smart: How to Boost your IQ by 10 points
A person’s IQ was thought to be a fixed commodity largely determined by genetics. But is your IQ really set in stone or can you cheat a few extra points?

Top 10 Ways to Sleep Smarter and Better
Nothing kills your ability to get things done faster than a bad night’s sleep.

How HDMI Works
HDMI is more than a port on the back of a TV (and the often expensive cable that fits inside). It’s a set of rules for allowing high-definition electronic devices to communicate.


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