Nintendo Launches

By David Peralty
Contributing Writer, [GAS] 

First Nintendo shuts down their forums, saying that they will bring something better out, and then they launch My Wii Story? Seriously!?

While I love the Wii, despite not being able to play it often due to my wife loving it even more than me, I don’t see this as a real community effort, but instead another way for them to spin their wares to a wide variety of people.

I know the Wii is for casual gamers, but I’d really rather them bring back their forums. Where is a die-hard Wii fan supposed to communicate with other die-hard fans? My Wii Story doesn’t seem like that platform, but judge for yourself. Here are some details from Nintendo’s press release, “It’s a place where Wii owners and their friends and family have been gathering to post real-life anecdotes about the way that Wii has changed their social dynamic or even their opinions about video games. Men and women, young and old, kids and grandparents — people of all types have posted anecdotes, photos and videos of their experiences with Wii.”

This definitely isn’t what I had in mind for a Nintendo Wii community. Back to the drawing board Nintendo.

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