Monday morning links serving: The October 1st edition

How to Unbrick a Bricked Unlocked iPhone
Here’s a very easy method to defeat Apple and bring your bricked unlocked iPhone back from death.

How to Accept Criticism with Grace and Appreciation
A very important skill that will help you through all levels of your life.

Top 10 Ways to Put Your Remote Server to Good Use
An always-on server can come in all kinds of handy for running automated tasks, syncing your data, remote controlling downloads and acting as a proxy.

Forget About Page Rank and Build a Better Blog
Forget about when and if Page Rank will update and spend your time building a better blog!

Microsoft launch anti-linux campaign worthy of a politician
Microsoft’s latest affront to the Linux community is their “STATE GOVERNMENT SAYS LINUX WAS TOO BIG A RISK” campaign, and I’m sick of them ad-spamming Linux related articles with this piece of garbage. The Linux Scorecard blog digs a bit deeper and discusses the claim, and the man who originally made it.


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