Amazon launches DRM-free music store

Amazon MP3It’s about time a major name in the world of online merchants started selling DRM-free music! Amazon MP3, a division of, just launched, and so far, the service looks very promising.

The store already offers 2 million titles, and as its name implies, the songs are in MP3 format. Amazon MP3 media files are not protected by DRM, so users can play them on any media player they wish, and copy and share them at will.

Music tracks currently sell for $0.89 and $0.99, and albums go for either $5.99 or $9.99

My guess is that with this new service, Amazon is trying to directly compete with iTunes, the number one online music store on the net. iTunes currently has around 70 percent of the online song market in the United States, but I’m sure Amazon MP3 will bring that percentage down a bit.

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