Drooling over Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this game to come out for the past year, and fortunately, I won’t have to wait too long before the release date, which is set to be on November 13th. Assassin’s Creed will be released on all major gaming platforms and promises to be one of the best games ever created. I’ve added a bunch of videos after the jump, just to whet your appetite.

Exclusive Templar Trailer

The outraged Templar plot their revenge against Altair.

E3 2007 On Stage Demonstration

Jade Raymond walks us through a level of Assassin’s Creed showing of the detail of player interaction.

PAX 2007 Demonstration Pt. 1

A new look at the upcoming stealth action title with a detailed explanation of the controls.

PAX 2007 Demonstration Pt. 2

Meet some troublemakers in the streets looking to ruin Altair’s good time.

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