One Free Minute…Anonymously

By Fred Roth
Contributing writer, [GAS]

OneFreeMinute“What would you say, given one free minute of anonymous public speech?”

This is the question asked by tech artist Daniel Jolliffe. And it’s a darn good one. Here on the interweb we enjoy anonymity and the courage it gives us to utter things we may not say in person. At the same time, this blank slate spawns an entirely different breed of sub-human from those we would expect better of, as PennyArcade pointed out.

But what if your anonymity was given a voice? Your voice. What if you were given 60 seconds or less to say anything you wished so anyone could hear? Would you scream expletives? Make a political statement supporting or denouncing your leaders? Would you read a poem or make a poignant statement to make others think? Would you sing, whisper or growl?

And knowing your message was coming out of this contraption that cannot help but be stared at means even if people do not hear the ear splitting delivery of your message (trust me, it’s loud), they will notice one way or another.

Check out this link for video and audio, and go here for the phone number to call and participate.


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