Spam is now 83% of all e-mail

Yes folks, more than eight emails out of every ten sent out today on the net is SPAM. Let’s face it, SMTP really needs a replacement, and while many exist out there, the current messaging infrastructure of the Internet leaves us powerless. Solutions do exist to help you filter all that spam, but regardless of those improvements, SMTP remains at the heart of our problem. I think the time has come to stop applying band-aids and do something about the situation, but unfortunately, my guess is that we won’t see anything happening anytime soon.

It may sound like a broken record, but spam continues to do just that — break records. Unwanted commercial e-mail is growing by electronic leaps and bounds: An Internet-buckling 60 billion to 150 billion messages per day. Put another way: A whopping 83% of all e-mail comes from suspicious Internet addresses.

Still growing, spam is now 83% of all e-mail