Another new contributor …

I’ve been trying to find a subject to make my first post for GAS about, when I suddenly realized I’d passed two opportunities by with posts I made this week about the Mars Rover and Astronomy and Cosmology. I decided that while I adjust to the sorts of things I post about on here, I’d start off with a small biography and some examples of what I tend to do.

I’ve been involved in technology in some form or another for most of my adult and teenage life. I was lucky enough to have access to an Apple ][+ as an 11 year old, the perfect time to develop an interest. I’ve spent my career doing system administration, initially for VAX/VMS, and mostly for *NIX-based servers in a variety of industries, and I’ve worked in a wide variety of environments, both in North America, and West Africa.

Along with my technical side, I’ve also been writing for most of my life. For the past year+ I’ve been writing on my own blog, View from the Edge, about basically anything that occurs to me. I’ve always had a creative side, and whether its my photography or stand-up comedy, I’ve always had a lot of interests outside the tech world. But even beyond that, my intellectual curiosity has always made me interested in everything, and that means a lot of my geek writing tends to go beyond computers, and databases and operating systems, though it certainly includes those things. I’m a rabid space geek, and I am fascinated by the limits of physics and cosmology, so I post a lot about that as well.

I hope everyone will enjoy my contributions over the next few weeks and months … I know I am looking forward to contributing. I’m still not sure what topics I will cover here, but I think I may already have my first contribution brewing … a fitting combination of my love of both tech and history. We’ll see how it goes.

Lyle Bateman

UPDATE: I should probably add that there might be some confusion over “Elron Steele.” Elron is a pen name I use for some of my activities, though its largely become superfluous over the past few years. Still, I do use it on View from the Edge, so just to be clear, Elron Steele is Lyle Bateman and vice versa …


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