iPhone price drops $200.00

But why?

iPhoneI’m sure anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone but were planning to get one is very happy about this decision. For those of you who already bought one at full price, this must be annoying, shocking and insulting. A $200 drop after only after 2 months? If Apple could sell the iPhone for $1,0000.00, there’s no doubt that they would do so. They’re in business to make money after all.

So why this unexpected price drop?

Just two days ago, it was announced that the iPhone was the most sold smart phone in the U.S. Apple was supposed to get around 4.6 million units on the market before the end of the year, and up to 30 million before 2011, so what happened? The only answer I can think of is that after all the early adopters got their hands on the phone, sales of Apple’s expensive toy were dropping fast. This is the only logical explanation.

Can you think of any other reasons?