Another soldier joins the ranks

By Fred Roth
Contributing writer, [GAS]

Howdy [GAS]. Following Mike’s intro earlier this week, I figured I would follow suit as another new contributing writer.

I am 24, and a renaissance man of sorts. I am currently finishing up my Master’s degree in Biology, studying the kin recognition abilities of paper wasps. Remember those bomb-sniffing wasps from last year? Same thing. In my free time I am an artist, dabbling in both traditional media (oil pastel, charcoal, graphite, ink and watercolor) and digital art forms. Check out my DeviantArt site if you want here. If there was any money in art, I would do that. Instead, I will be entering Medical School during the Fall of 2008.

My part time job is as a Computer Sales Associate (very important sounding, huh?) at a certain, un-named, big blue box retailer. It’s a good job, pays well, and allows me to see how all this new tech we are always drooling over actually gets to the consumer.

My computers and technology history include home-theater sales (mad audiophile) at a mom and pop store, the unofficial “IT” guy for my dorm when I was in undergraduate school (@ The Ohio State University), and THE computer builder for my friends and family (I really should charge). Oh, and I have a slight obsession with computer mice. I own about 5 for each computer I own, and will be getting that new G9 asap.

As for my goals here at [GAS], I would like my stories to mainly center on (in addition to random cool tech news), what happens when things go wrong and how to make them go right. If you have any concerns or suggestions, I am very good at taking constructive criticism, so leave me a comment!


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