Hackers@Microsoft: A different kind of blog

The term “hacker” has always been one of the most incorrectly used expressions. If you think that a hacker is someone who tries to get into computer systems illegally, stop right here and go read this before continuing further.

Ok, now that you’ve been enlightened, let’s proceed.

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been cooperating with whitehat hackers for the past few years, but nothing has ever been official about their relationship…until now.

This is where the new Hackers@Microsoft blog comes in to play.

This new blog, which is integrated into a larger community mainly catering to software developers, has the goal of letting whitehat hackers express themselves on all things Microsoft.

Unlike their evil colleagues, the blackhat hackers, whitehats report all their findings directly to software corporations, who —in turn— secure the digital world.

Here’s a small excerpt from the new blog:

Welcome to a new blog from Microsoft.  The focus of this blog is likely to be a little different from most other blogs you’ll see on blogs.msdn.com. Microsoft employs some of the best hackers in the world and actively recruits them and develops them. They work on all kinds of projects, whether it be in development, research, testing, management and of course security.

This new initiative from Redmond reinforces the relatively new political agenda of the company, which says that hackers are —and should be considered as— friends of the corporation.

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